Choose Your High Performance and Affordable SSD Cloud Server

You can provide your individual and enterprise server hosting needs in our high-capacity enterprise cabinets

Getting Rid of Your Initial Investment Cost!

Focus on your business, do not go under heavy server costs, be comfortable to 'carry on - meet' with your own private server and convenient licensing costs

Server Common Properties

The cloud platform was developed on VMware, the most popular virtualization software.

  • Unshared Traffic Capacity
  • Redundant 40 Gbps Internet Access
  • 10 Gbps Uplink Network Access
  • 7/24 Call Center
  • 7/24 IP-KVM Services
  • Redundant Generator
  • Redundant UPS
  • Redundant Air Conditioning Systems
  • 24/7 Onsite Response Access
  • Upgradeable IP Address
  • Firewall Protections
  • 24/7 Camera Recording and Monitoring
  • Free Control Panel Options
  • IDS/IPS Protection
  • DDoS Protection
  • Biometric Input / Output Control
  • FM200 Fire extinguishing system
  • Service / Application Performance Monitoring Support

Do you need custom solutions or configurations?

Communicate With Us

Create your own custom server!

Provides interactive and predictive server buying experience to our customers.

01 Choose an appropriate configuration for your needs.
02 Customize your server hardware according to your own needs.
03 After receiving payment, the server will be activated within seconds.
04 If you have any problems, we are here for 24 hour service

Do you need more?

Enhance your server with hardware and software add-ons.

  • 2 GB ekstra RAM
    $3.99 /aylık
  • 4 GB ekstra RAM
    $7.99 /aylık
  • 6 GB ekstra RAM
    $11.99 /aylık
  • Litespeed Web Sunucu
    $19.99 /aylık
  • cPanel Panel
    $14.99 /aylık
  • Plesk 12 Panel (30 domain)
    $14.99 /aylık
  • 20 GB ekstra SSD Disk
    $3.99 /aylık
  • 40 GB ekstra SSD Disk
    $7.99 /aylık
  • 60 GB ekstra SSD Disk
    $11.99 /aylık
  • Windows 2008 R2 Std. Ed.
    $20.00 /aylık
  • Windows 2012 R2 Std. Ed.
    $20.00 /aylık
  • MSSQL 2008 / 2012 Web Ed.
    $20.00 /aylık
  • 1 Adet CPU
    $3.99 /aylık
  • 2 Adet CPU
    $7.99 /aylık
  • 3 Adet CPU
    $11.99 /aylık
  • Günlük Cloud Backup
    $9.99 /aylık
  • Haftalık Cloud Backup
    $4.99 /aylık
  • Aylık Cloud Backup
    $4.99 /aylık
All upgrades and attachments can be added or subtracted, just email us to our sales team.
  • 99.9% UPTIME
    Network Guarantee
  • 7/24 SUPPORT

Cloud VDS solutions, we ensure data security with our SSD-powered cloud servers, which provide our customers with the fastest infrastructure. Turkey has the lowest ping-location and value using cloud server hosting solution for the best price / performance advantages of the highest catch immediately.

Different Control Panel Options

You can choose one of the control panels to choose based on the operating system. For Linux operating system you can choose Cpanel or Parallels Plesk Panel. For Windows operating systems, you can choose Parallels Plesk Panel Yada Maestro Panel.


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